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Amazon Marketplace strategy + optimization

Everything your brand needs to grow on Amazon

Listing Optimisation

Broadgreen’s team is fully equipped to furnish each of your listings with the precision and care they deserve. This includes optimising listings with various images of your product, detailed bullet points, descriptions, keywords and more. All material is created to represent your product and brand in an accurate and congenial format for both you and the consumer.

Clean Up & Enforce

Monitor and enforce your MAP policy, while unmasking unauthorized 3rd party sellers. We believe in clean and consistent listings without compromise.

Manage & Grow

With your products successfully represented on and in the EU, Broadgreen continues to monitor and protect your brand. We stay vigilant for any unauthorized sellers or inaccurate information on your page, keeping listings clean and accurate. Broadgreen is also dedicated to promoting your products, using various tactics and programs, in turn generating additional sales.

Brand Positioning

Competition persistently aims to capture your customers – we will ensure your brand is continuously in a better position. We position you ahead of trends, so that you’re in front of the crowd – not following!

Competitor Analysis & Data Insights

Shine a light on what competing brands are doing in relation to your strategy. We use £10,000+ worth of software tools and systems to interpret and report on data that can give you a massive edge over your competitors on Amazon and lead to a greater profitability!

Brand Control & Management

Are resellers of your brand playing by the rules? Honouring MAP pricing? Respecting your intellectual property rights? We are your sentinels! Determine the “how”, “who”, and “why” when it comes to third-party sellers on the marketplace.

Dedicated Resources

Ensure you have the most experienced and committed team supporting your goals by providing exceptional customer support and cultivating customers relations through prompt Amazon support responses, reviews and appeals management.

Brand Building

Setting brands up for success by making sure their brand is prominently portrayed and effectively positioned in the Amazon Marketplace.
- Product message
- Product discovery,
- Search Presence
- Sustainable Growth

We have over 20 ways we can be of service to you. Click the link to read the full list.

This is just the beginning… 

We are driven by values

At Broadgreen, we are driven by our values of integrity, perseverance and complete commitment to your brand.  This is something we don’t just speak, we live them every day.  

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