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Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning

Competition persistently aims to capture your customers – we will ensure your brand is continuously in a better position. We position you ahead of trends, so that you’re in front of the crowd – not following!

Product Message

Precise messages that reflects a product’s best qualities and distinctive selling points

Ratings & Reviews

The most effective content is supported and confirmed by positive reviews. Many reviews both good and bad are misplaced. Almost every brand has negative reviews that can be instantly removed.

Search Presence

There are three places on your listing where having the right search terms can drastically boost your Amazon presence

Marketplace Visibility

Gain access to your brand’s performance and customer satisfaction levels

Mobile Optimisation

Get your digital Amazon retail strategy up-to-date and optimised for mobile platforms. 3 out of 4 smartphones have the Amazon app installed. There are certain things you can do to make your product more mobile friendly on Amazon.

Product Discovery

Employ a set of tactics to support market growth and customer acquisition across Amazon