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Brand Control & Management

Brand Management

Reseller Monitoring

Are resellers of your brand playing by the rules? Honouring MAP pricing? Respecting your intellectual property rights? We are your sentinels!

Strategic Planning

Arming your brand with a clearly defined and customized marketplace strategy that is scalable over time

Brand Control

Determine the “how”, “who”, and “why” when it comes to third-party sellers on the marketplace

Catalogue Organization

Unintended mismanagement of your product SKUs on Amazon will not only cost you money, it could suppress your listing. We offer an organized, optimised catalogue, free of duplicates and variations that detract from a brand’s core offering.

Appeals Management

Amazon is so big; it often suppresses listings without rhyme or reason. Appealing nonsensical policy violation notifications requires its own unique language. We speak it!

Brand Registry

Is your brand protected from counterfeiters and listing hijackers? If not, Brand Registry is the first place to start and we can help you take control!

Minimise Channel Disruption

The Amazon online marketplace should be a high-value extension of your brand